Digital Badges

What are Digital Badges?

CalSAC Digital Badging Projects

The California School-Age Consortium now offers digital badges for the OST field!

We are proud to partner with Temescal Associates, The Learning in Afterschool and Summer Project, and Public Profit to bring this new resource to out-of-school time professionals across California. 

Digital badges allow us to recognize the skill building and learning of CalSAC Trainers, out-of-school time professionals and programs who participate in CalSAC training or projects. 

What are digital badges?

A digital badge is an online recognition of a skill you’ve gained, accomplishment you’ve achieved, or knowledge that you’ve learned.

Learning happens in many arenas, not just in traditional educational formats. Badges are designed to make visible and validate learning in both formal and informal settings, and hold the potential to help transform where and how learning is valued.

Digital badges contain information or metadata about the achievement “baked” into the image:

Image source

Digital badges can be shared online in a variety of ways:  

CalSAC Badges

We award badges for the following groups:

  • CalSAC Trainers
  • CalSAC Training Participants
  • Agencies who use CalSAC Training or participate in CalSAC Programs

To see all the badges CalSAC offers, scroll through the badges below:



Capacity badges are designed to recognize training participants who have participated in long-term projects. These projects go deeper to develop the capacity of the participants and the agencies they work for.

 Competency badges recognize training participants for building their competency to work with children and youth.

Contact Charnelle Ruff,, 510-444-4622 x105 for more information on Digital Badging.  

CalSAC Digital Badging Projects

NAA STEM Micro-Credential and Badging Project

Using blended learning, the NAA STEM Credentials and Digital Badging Pilot aims to build a system that develops and recognizes STEM teaching skills and self efficacy with the long-term goal of empowering afterschool and summer program staff members to deliver more and better STEM-related learning opportunities.

What you get:

  • Blended model of professional development - face to face training, self-directed online learning modules, one-on-one coaching and an in-person observation
  • Nationally recognized STEM micro-credential (badge)
  • Ongoing access to Click2Science online Resources
What you give:
  • Staff PD commitment – Approx 6.5 hours total
  • $150 per staff participating


Contact Selena Levy,, 510-444-4622 x108 for more information on NAA STEM Micro-Credential and Badging Project.