CalSAC BOOST Strand: Lifting up Leadership at Every Level

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4/18/17 8:00am
End Date/Time:
4/21/17 6:00pm
Palm Springs, CA
National Event


Expanded Learning Programs are a catalyst for creating long lasting social change. Today, we’ve seen our most cherished values – inclusion, honoring difference, and a shared humanity – under attack.  In this moment of concern, we are called to lead our programs, communities and families with an unwavering commitment to creating safe, supportive and responsive environments for our most vulnerable. At the same time, we must act courageously to confront the unknowns ahead by actively embracing the relationship between our inner and outer leadership compass.  From front line staff to program directors, from self to systems, and everything in between – we are the ones we have been waiting for.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

– Martin Luther King Jr


Content Areas

Wednesday, April 19

Coaching Staff to Success
Presenters TBD

Coaching is a process that supports individuals to make more conscious decisions and take new action. It helps individuals identify and build on their strengths and internal resources. When practiced well, coaching moves a person forward from where they are to where they want or need to be. Join us to explore coaching best practices and to practice a coaching technique that cultivates a relationship rooted in mutual respect and care. Cultivating respect and care demands we discipline ourselves to constantly stretch our thinking, remain open to different perspectives, and challenge our assumptions as we support others through coaching. Come explore this transformative and essential leadership skill set!


Leading with Love and Power: A Panel Discussion on Resisting Hate in our Communities
Aleah Rosario, Director of Capacity Building Programs, California School-Age Consortium (CalSAC) Berkeley, CA

At their foundation, expanded learning programs must be safe and supportive environments for all young people. Yet, never before in their lifetime have today’s children, youth and their families been the target of such imminent threats to their humanity. Hear from Fellows and Alumni of the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) on how they are seeing and responding to the barriers young people face in their communities, from oppression at the social and cultural levels, to the systemic and structural levels influenced by policy. Panelists will share how they boldly navigate such realities and offer advice and strategies for self-care as they practice radical leadership.  The LDI is a year-long leadership development fellowship for emerging leaders and emerging leaders of color. The LDI is designed to equip the next generation of leaders with skills in management and leadership.  A foundational component of this project is how power, privilege and oppression manifest itself in the field.

Thursday, April 20

Growing a Ground Swell to Save Afterschool
Presenters TBD

The future of afterschool programs in California rests in the hands of Governor Brown and the California Legislature and the time to take action is now! Without an increase to ASES funding, the future is unknown for the 67,000 students being served daily in ASES funded afterschool programs. At a time when our most cherished universal values and civil rights are under attack at the federal level, children, youth and their families are relying heavily on local systems and services of support. As leaders and practitioners in the field, we can draw from youth development to guide us as activists and change makers – speaking out on behalf of our vital programming. Explore what speaking out can look like on a personal and agency level, consider how to involve youth and families in both design and implementation, and reflect on how this sits within a larger social and political context. Become part of the ground swell to save California afterschool programs – we cannot save afterschool without you!

In partnership with the California Afterschool Network (CAN) and the California Afterschool Advocacy Alliance (CA3)


Developing, Growing and Caring for Your Team
Presenters TBD

Supervising staff is one of the many challenges routinely faced by Expanded Learning site leaders. It is important to know how to fairly, efficiently, and adequately supervise staff and to choose strategies that foster a culture of shared responsibility and ownership. In this workshop, participants will explore their own job responsibilities and reflect on the various roles a site leader plays and strategies for cultivating a culture where growth and development is celebrated and acknowledged.


Designing a Vision for Family Engagement and Belonging
Presenters TBD

In today’s political climate, the Expanded Learning field has an even greater responsibility and opportunity to be a safe haven for families. At the core of youth development is the belief that all children and youth deserve to belong and to thrive as members of our society – this value must continue to extend outwards to families during this critical and threatening time in history. In this workshop we’ll explore our collective vision and design for family engagement that considers what families are facing in today’s political climate and how Expanded Learning programs play a role in meeting those needs. From programming content and design to providing relevant and timely resources, we'll shape the role of Expanded Learning providers as advocates and ambassadors for families. Together we’ll consider what it means to “belong” and how centering belonging at the heart of a family engagement strategy not only strengthens our work and relationships with families but is a form of active resistance.

Friday, April 21

Leading with Head and Heart
Presenters TBD

Those in leadership positions have a responsibility to both lead and manage. By taking time to understand the differences between leadership and management, we can take steps to cultivate both. Join us to explore how leaders in out-of-school time programs create safe, supportive environments for staff and young people by modeling self-awareness, interpersonal skills, growth mindset and social awareness in how we lead and manage. By aligning one’s deep inner values and beliefs with action – activating the head and heart – managers, directors and site coordinators can apply a type of leadership that inspires, achieves, and instills emotionally intelligent ways of being.

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